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Hello from Japan!



Hello from Japan !

The german article is here:

スポンサードリンク スポンサードリンク
Hi! My name is Claudia. I live in Japan. In this blog, I have written all entries in Japanese until now, 
but somehow it has grabbed me to write some articles in German or English.

私 ド イ ツ 人 と 日本人 の ハ ー フ で す. こ の ブ ロ グ も ド イ ツ 語, 英語, 日本語 と 様 々 な 言語 で 書 い て み よ う と 思 い ま し た.

The above is the explanation that I want to write in German and Japanese and maybe some in English.

I have a chiropractic practice in Zushi, Japan.

For 24 years we have the practice here!

That's the practice. Unfortunately, everything is still in Japanese!

My homepage from the practice: (Also everything in Japanese)




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